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Traditional cuts, classic suits, pussybows and iconic pied-de-poule motifs are hip again. Although, have they ever been out of fashion? This elegant sheath dress, with pussybow and a knitted trompe ‘l oeil motif of a belt, is an ode to the classic style icon!

This elaborate design has a plain body in dark blue and burgundy trim along the sleeves. The body is thinly knitted. The lower half of the dress has a pied-de-poule motif in the colors burgundy and cream. This part is thicker knitted.

Discover the matching jacket and scarf!

The model is 177 cm tall and wears size 36.

Top single knitted, bottom double knitted

Sheath dress

50% cotton / 50% acrylic

Dutch design: designed and crafted in the Netherlands. The comfortable fit makes it easy to put on the dress without closing.

Wash at 30 degrees.

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