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  • michael barnaart + miffy

    Unique meeting between Bruna and Mondrian The world’s most famous rabbit now also has an iconic design by Michael Barnaart in her wardrobe. Miffy wears the Mondrian dress as an enamelled brooch. ‘Those stripes a very pretty, I like this painting too, but should I look this way or that? I’m not sure what to…

  • heel holland bakt

    During the semifinal of Heel Holland Bakt (The Dutch Bake-Off) Janny van der Heijden wears sheath dress Meline. Styling: Bjorn Franke.

  • heel holland bakt

    In the tv show Heel Holland Bakt (The Dutch Bake-off) Janny van der Heijden wears the Trenchcape. Styling: Bjorn Franke.

  • libelle

    Michael finds inspiration for the comic Jack, Jacky and the juniors (Jan, Jans en de kinderen) in his ‘Achterhoek’ holiday home De Voorspoed. It breathes the atmosphere of 1968, about the time when the family saw the light. He spoke to Libelle magazine about jogging suits, jacket pocket literature and of course Jan Kruis. Production…

  • de volkskrant

    Why is the cartoon Jack, Jackiy and the juniors (Jan, Jans en de kinderen) so loved? Together with Sylvia Witteman, Plien van Bennekom and Mariken Swildens, Michael Barnaart talks about their favorite Jan, Jans and the children’s comic and their special bond with the Tromp family. Read the article on the website of the Volkskrant…

  • goedemorgen nederland (wnl, npo1)

    In the tv show Goedemorgen Nederland (Goodmorning the Netherlands) a report about over 50 jears Jan, Jans en de kinderen.

  • michael barnaart + jack, jacky and the juniors

    The comic Jan, Jacky and the children (Jan, Jans en de kinderen) is 50 years old and for the new comic album (number 65) Michael Barnaart was asked as guest illustrator to draw ten strips as a tribute to Jan Kruis. You may recognize some of Jans’ dresses! Curious about how the collaboration with Jan,…

  • michael barnaart + madurodam

    The uniforms for the operators of The Flying Dutchman, Madurodam’s newest attraction, was designed by the Dutch fashion designer Michael Barnaart. After a construction process of more than 1.5 years, the cabin crew opened the door of the silver-gray KLM DC-3 that shines at ‘Schiphol Airport’ for the first time this month. The Barnaart collection…

  • michael barnaart + kröller-müller museum

    Jardin d’email is a huge work of art that artist Jean Dubuffet designed in 1974, especially for the Kröller Müller. What is so special about this artwork? It can be touched. It can even be walked and played on. Recently Jardin d’Email has undergone extensive restoration, making the work of art accessible again. To pay…

  • bij ons in de residentie

    Together with eleven other entrepreneurs under the age of forty from The Hague, fashion designer Michael Barnaart is featured on the fold-out cover of the new The Hague glossy Bij Ons in the Residence. A magazine about food and drink, art, design, innovation, business and sustainability Photo: Fleur Beemster

  • jinek

    At the talk show of Eva Jinek, Janny van der Heijden wears jacket Fay and scarf Thelma.

  • heel holland bakt

    In the tv show Heel Holland Bakt (The Dutch Bake-off) Janny van der Heijden wears jacket Jean and sheath dress Lois . Styling: Bjorn Franke.

  • doorbakken

    In the tv show Doorbakken Janny van der Heijden wears the trenchcape during her visit at Markthal in Rotterdam.

  • proef!

    In the December issue of Proef! from Gall & Gall, Michael Barnaart gives a nice bottle to ‘Mister Songfestival’ Cornald Maas.

  • stripnieuws (comic news)

    In Stripnieuws number 76 a wonderful interview with Mariken Swildens, according to Jan Kruis “The nice stepmother of Libelle’s Jan, Jans en de kinderen (comic Jack, Jacky and the juniors).” The article gives a nice glimpse behind the scenes of the nearly 50-year history of the comic, which also focuses on Michael Barnaart’s work for…

  • michael barnaart + kruseman

    Old Masters and new Dutch Design For Masterly The Hague, festival for old master painting & dutch design, Michael Barnaart is inspired by the paintings of the Cornelis Kruseman Foundation. Cornelis Kruseman (1797-1857) was a Dutch painter. He spent most of his working life in The Hague, but he also regularly stayed in Rome. In…

  • michael barnaart + prinsjesdag

    Sources: NRC, de Volkskrant, Linda.nl, Instagram en ANP. Michael Barnaart’s outfits on Prinsjesdag (opening-day of dutch parliament) in the media. Read the full report on Linda.nl about the outfits of Prinsjesdag here.

  • residence

    In the September issue of Residence, the Michael Barnaart + store is mentioned as a hotspot in the Editor’s Choice section. “He is known for the knitted dresses worn by Janny van der Heijden of the TV program Heel Holland Bakt (jury member of the Dutch version of The Great British Bake Off) , but…

  • herenhuis magazine

    In the section ‘Showpieces’ (‘Pronkstukken’) publication of the brooch as an ode to the Girl with the Pearl.

  • elegance

    The editors of Elegance magazine put the Girl with a Pearl Earring brooch on their wishlist!