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  • Ontwerpschetsen broche Etoile

    design & dynasty

    Brooch ‘Étoile’ is a modern interpretation of a grand cross or an order sign for the royal summer exhibition Design & Dynasty at the City Palace in Fulda. The colors of this characteristic star radiate outward, from warm to cool. Just like with conventional pieces, this piece of jewelery ‘elevates’ and illuminates the wearer. This…

  • Puttertje broche (Goldfinch)

    ad haagsche courant (newspaper)

  • nouveau

    Fashion meets art! The Mauritshuis is 200 years old. And fashion designer Michael Barnaart is celebrating this with a brooch as an ode to The Goldfinch, the painting by Carel Fabritius. Read the article here.

  • Puttertje broche (Goldfinch)

    michael barnaart + the goldfinch

    The Mauritshuis is 200 years old. Michael Barnaart is celebrating this with a brooch as an ode to The Goldfinch, the painting by Carel Fabritius. Strong images from both high and popular culture play an important role in Michael Barnaart’s designs. By simplifying and abstracting shapes, a powerful and iconic image is created. The use…

  • a visit from the mayor

    Today the mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen, came to visit the boutique. It was a pleasant and inspiring conversation about The Hague, fashion and miffy.

  • company clothing shown for the first time in Amare

    At Amare, the staff was allowed to open very special packages this month: the new company clothing, designed by fashion designer Michael Barnaart! Behind the cash register, in the restaurant or on the floor: every function in the building has its own recognizable color and style. Read the article on the Amare website here Photography:…

  • den haag centraal: michael barnaart dresses amare

    “Everything is new at Amare: the building, the halls, the restaurants and therefore also the company clothing. From the cashier to the manager: everyone will soon be wearing a Michael Barnaart design!” Bron: Den Haag Centraal

  • fashion united

    “Vijf locaties, honderd ontwerpers, vier dagen lang: Masterly The Hague bracht een ode aan het Nederlands landschap. Verspreid over verschillende historische locaties in Den Haag waren landschappen en natuurstillevens te zien van Nederlandse schilders, gecombineerd met Dutch Design, kunst en fotografie. Een bundeling van talent, inspiratie en vakmanschap.” Read the complete article on Fashion United.

  • michael barnaart + residentie orkest

    From 2021, Amare culture palace will be the new home of the Residentie Orkest (Residence Orchestra, The Hague). Michael Barnaart has been asked to design a new shirt as an addition to his 2018 clothing designs for the Residentie Orkest. Under the watchful eye of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, the new shirts were worn…

  • elegance

    Flared dress Nadine published in the September Issue of Elegance magazine.

  • beau monde

    Flared travel dress Fiep published in Beau Monde magazine.

  • nos news & nieuwsuur

    Anchorwoman Amber Brantsen wears flared dress Zise in Nieuwsuur and NOS news (NOS, NPO). Styling: Hanna Suurland.

  • nos evening news

    Anchorwoman Annechien Steenhuizen wears shirt dress Eva in the NOS eight o’clock news (NOS, NPO1). Styling: Hanna Suurland

  • nouveau: cheerful dresses for busy women

    Read the article in Dutch here! source: nouveau.nl

  • michael barnaart + miffy

    Unique meeting between Bruna and Mondrian The world’s most famous rabbit now also has an iconic design by Michael Barnaart in her wardrobe. Miffy wears the Mondrian dress as an enamelled brooch. ‘Those stripes a very pretty, I like this painting too, but should I look this way or that? I’m not sure what to…

  • heel holland bakt

    During the semifinal of Heel Holland Bakt (The Dutch Bake-Off) Janny van der Heijden wears sheath dress Meline. Styling: Bjorn Franke.

  • heel holland bakt

    In the tv show Heel Holland Bakt (The Dutch Bake-off) Janny van der Heijden wears the Trenchcape. Styling: Bjorn Franke.

  • libelle

    Michael finds inspiration for the comic Jack, Jacky and the juniors (Jan, Jans en de kinderen) in his ‘Achterhoek’ holiday home De Voorspoed. It breathes the atmosphere of 1968, about the time when the family saw the light. He spoke to Libelle magazine about jogging suits, jacket pocket literature and of course Jan Kruis. Production…

  • de volkskrant

    Why is the cartoon Jack, Jackiy and the juniors (Jan, Jans en de kinderen) so loved? Together with Sylvia Witteman, Plien van Bennekom and Mariken Swildens, Michael Barnaart talks about their favorite Jan, Jans and the children’s comic and their special bond with the Tromp family. Read the article on the website of the Volkskrant…

  • goedemorgen nederland (wnl, npo1)

    In the tv show Goedemorgen Nederland (Goodmorning the Netherlands) a report about over 50 jears Jan, Jans en de kinderen.